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Owners Who Want Recognition Should Require NVQ’s

Construction NVQ Edinburgh

As the owner of a local construction company you know that being awarded major jobs does wonders for you and your company.  Not only does it give you more publicity than you know what to do with and more advertising than you could ever possibly pay for, it shows that your team was selected as the best available.


Winning Construction Contracts in Scotland

For business owners in Scotland, the race to win the contract for the building of Portobello High School was a challenging one.  The proposal was for a £40 million development and there was a lot on the line.  Finally it was decided that Jmarchitects would be best for the job since they had previously taken part in the development of 70 other schools over a nine year period.  The company’s reputation preceded them and even the Edinburgh convener or education, children, and families expressed her excitement at having Jmarchitects heading this project.

Not only have they been responsible for the successful development of 70 schools, they were able to come in on time and at a total cost of £500 million.  Their track record spoke for itself and though several other companies were vying for the contract, it’s probably safe to assume that Jmarchitects were certain to have won it.

As if having one Edinburgh company win such a large contract was not enough good news for the city, Jmarchitects also called in four other local companies to take part in the design and construction.  As a business owner, can you imagine what kind of impact that attention had on these companies as a whole?

Make Roofing and Welding NVQ’s Mandatory

Just as the reputation and records of Jmarchitects far preceded them, so does the reputation of your company as well as every worker you employ.  Your employees are essentially what determine the calibre of your company, and by requiring your employees to obtain a Construction NVQ in Edinburgh you significantly increase that.  With more and more companies now requiring their employees to have the relevant Construction NVQ for their trade, its time to make sure you do too.

A Construction NVQ is important for all trades, but especially for your employees in trades that are considered even more high risk than others.  Your welders and roofers should be required to hold an NVQ — this would offer you peace of mind and your clients would feel much more comfortable as well.  By sending in employees with a level 3 Roofing NVQ or Welding NVQ, you can brief your clients on what it has taken for them to obtain these certifications and you can rest assured that they will be impressed.

If Construction NVQ in Edinburgh certifications are truly important to you as a business owner, perhaps it would be beneficial to provide an incentive.  Start with your high risk employees and once they have been recognised for obtaining their Welding NVQ or Roofing NVQ in Edinburgh, your other workers will most likely follow suit.


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Prestigious Leeds Companies Expect High Calibre Employees

Construction NVQ Leeds

Construction professionals are one of the few professions where their work is put on display for everyone to see on a daily basis.  Think about it; every other profession has their work confined to one designated space and no one will see it or benefit from it unless they are specifically looking for it.  As a worker in Leeds, you can probably point out every office, healthcare centre, or house that your hands helped to build—you provide people with the comforts and security that they take for granted every day.

Giving People a Home

Housing is probably one of the most important things that construction workers build—you provide homes for families, and in certain cases, provide great focal points for the rest of the city.  One example of this is the construction of the two multi-use towers in Leeds begun in 2008 and set to be completed next year.

Carillion was the construction company awarded the Lumiere project being built on Wellington Street.  The plans call for one tower reaching 55 stories as well as a 32 storey building. Along with 14,000 square feet of commercial area, the projects will provide over 800 apartments; standard, serviced, and prime.  The Carillion chief executive stated that they are thrilled to not only be providing so much housing, but also about the fact that this project will be a focal point for Leeds’ West End.

This project was expected to cover a 4 year time period and create many jobs for NVQ qualified construction workers in Leeds.  Those who became involved as well as those who attempted to but were not successful, know that a company like Carillion has exceptionally high standards when it comes to the workers it employs.  The company is the same one that completed the Hilton Tower in Manchester that was the tallest tower in Europe.

Why an Construction NVQ in Leeds Makes a Difference

The same is true when it comes to the work on the projects — mistakes made because of carelessness or incompetency have no room on a Carillion job site and accidents as a result of negligence are not tolerated either.  Companies with high standards such as this will always look for workers with a Construction NVQ in Leeds.

Obviously the construction industry as a whole is a dangerous one, but companies know that roofers and welders especially, who hold their level 2 Roofing NVQ or level 2 Welding NVQ are more likely to be safe and efficient.  Workers with a Construction NVQ in Leeds give companies the opportunity to beat their personal best goals and remain positive in the public eye.

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Certification and Training Reduce the Risk of Construction site Accidents

Construction NVQ Sheffield Accidents and injuries on job sites are an unfortunate but inevitable part of the construction industry. Most include falls or judgment errors, but every once in a while an accident occurs because of pure negligence on the part of one of the parties involved. Sadly, the person often affected by the negligence is an innocent worker who just happened to be in the wrong place at the wrong time.

An Unfortunate Construction Incident in Sheffield

One such unfortunate occurrence happened right here in Sheffield just a couple of years ago. Two firms were found responsible for the injury of an employee who broke his hip when his dump truck fell into a ditch. Bellway Homes was found guilty of failure to provide suitable traffic routes and was given a fine of £20,000. FG Construction, a company also involved in the construction, was fined £11,000 for a breach of health and safety codes.

The Health and Safety Executive is now coming down hard on these two companies as well as others and requiring that they hold regular health and safety events. It is a widely known fact that proper health and safety training for construction workers and proper execution of training received are the only ways to prevent accidents such as these. This incident also presented a vivid reminder that the welfare of everyone who will be near your jobsite must be taken into consideration—not just that of your employees. This is especially true of those in the painting and welding trades.

Construction NVQ’s in Sheffield Help Ensure Safety

Since proper training is the only way to start off safety on the right foot, one thing that companies can do is require all employees to obtain an NVQ and CSCS card. Both of these certifications take safety procedures into consideration and ensure that the employee is doing everything possible to avoid accidents. The Construction NVQ in Sheffield construction assesors watch employees on their sites and make sure that they are not making minor or major errors that could lead to a major catastrophe later.

A Painting NVQ and Welding NVQ are some of the most prominent certifications since these are two trades that require even more technical skills and safety measures than others. The dangers of welding are self explanatory and painters are constantly working at great heights. These are just a few examples of why an NVQ is such an imperative part of preventing accidents.

A Painting NVQ or Welding NVQ provides you, your employers, and your co-workers with the peace of mind that you are all on the same page. If your co-workers also have at least their level 2 Painting NVQ or Welding NVQ in Sheffield, you also have the assurance of knowing that you are safe working alongside them.

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A Construction NVQ is Rewarding in Many Ways

Bradford Construction NVQ

What could be more rewarding than being an active part of providing children with a place to learn and grow? Aside from hospitals, schools are probably one of the most wonderful projects that construction professionals are able to take part in. Even more good news is that these projects often require extensive amounts of work and are relatively long term. What this means is that a rewarding experience and long term work are available to construction professionals who take every possible measure to ensure that they are prepared to meet requirements.

Bradford Gets 3 New Schools

Costain, a well known construction company has been given the responsibility of bringing three new primary schools into Bradford. The £40 million deal was signed with the backing of the government’s Building Schools for the Future program. The project was designed to build the much needed schools while also providing jobs to local construction workers.

The Costain chief executive stated that his company was “delighted,” to have been awarded the contract and were excited at the prospect of it. Costain has stated that education is one of the most important sectors that they work on and that they are always happy to go take part in projects that improve the community.

Making a Difference in Your Own Life First with a Construction NVQ in Bradford

Schools are one type of building that provide work for construction workers in every trade. Everything from the roof to the plumbing must be perfect and completely safe—after all, this will be where children spend the better part of their day. Those recruiting workers for this job are looking for roofers and plumbers that they can trust to work independently and efficiently while maintaining a safe work place.

A level 2 Roofing NVQ or a level 2 Plumbing NVQ is not difficult to obtain and Bradford locals need only call and schedule an assessment. The assessor will schedule a time that is convenient for you to come and observe you on your jobsite. They will take into account everything that they see you doing, from the set up to the completion of any given task. They also take close observations on your safety procedures and how serious you are about implanting all health and safety practices.

An NVQ in any trade is a huge asset to you as a professional and proves to employers that you are an asset to them. Plumbing and Roofing are two trades that are considered more high risk than some others which means that a Plumbing or Roofing NVQ may be worth even more when it comes to being selected for jobs.

To make a difference in the lives of others through your skilled work, you must first take the steps necessary to make a difference in your own life. Schedule your Construction NVQ in Bradford assessment today and take the very first step towards being first in line for the projects you want.


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Long Term Construction Work and an NVQ Go Hand in Hand

Construction NVQ Sheffield

Multi-phase construction projects are some of the best opportunities for those looking for long term work (and really, who isn’t?).  These projects can take months or years to complete and offer the luxury of completing one phase and moving onto another rather than wondering what you will do next.  The only catch is that these types of projects are large scale and require a certain calibre of employee in order to be completed on time and within budget.  What this means for you is that preparation and a Sheffield Construction NVQ certification are of the utmost importance.

Sheffield University Gets a Facelift

The rebuilding of Sheffield University is an example of one project that offers long term work to the right workers as it occurs in phases.  Construction on the redevelopment of the Arts Tower at the University began in mid 2009 and was scheduled for completion in September of 2010.  The renovation was set for the 9th through 19th floors with the goal being to restore the areas while still preserving the architectural history of the building.

This project was taking place alongside the £80 million development of The Square in Sheffield by the Carillion Construction Company.  Meanwhile, the city’s news was proclaiming that the University project would be the beginning of an “upsurge of redevelopment.”

Gaining Employer Trust with an NVQ in Construction in Sheffield

Getting involved in just one of these major job sites is a sure fire way of getting your foot in the door for future projects.  Once you have proven your skills and abilities to one employer, others are sure to be willing to hire you as well.  The problem then, is how to get yourself noticed and selected by that first employer and gain your place on major projects.

The answer is a relatively simple one and likely one that you have heard before; get your Construction NVQ in Sheffield. Whether it’s your Joinery NVQ or your Roofing NVQ that you are working towards, it’s time to stop putting it off.  You cannot predict when these projects will begin or how many workers will be needed- it’s always in your best interest to be prepared.  Your Joinery NVQ or Roofing NVQ will let employers know that they can take you seriously because you do.  They should invest in you because you have.

By becoming certified in your trade and obtaining your Joinery NVQ or Roofing NVQ, you are essentially letting everyone (including yourself) know that you take pride in your work and want to advance your career to the highest possible level.


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Boosting Construction with Initiatives and NVQ’s

Construction NVQ in Bradford When it was decided that the construction in Bradford may need a boost, home building was the first thing to be considered. While Bradford has had many significant projects taking place over the last several years, the industry was still not doing as well as hoped and workers were still jobless. The home building initiatives took off at the beginning of last year and have continued to expand and become more and more long term.

New Homes for Bradford

The Bradford Telegraph announced that Manningham Housing Association had presented plans to provide Bradford residents with 300 new homes, and Bradford workers with 2,000 new jobs. Adding to this were plans to develop 150 other homes through Incommunities (the company previously known as Bradford Community Housing Trust), which would create an additional 600 jobs.

The Manningham Housing Association, which was founded in 1986, specialises in homes for people considered to be underprivileged. The affordable homes being built through these projected plans will significantly assist these people as well as unemployed workers with nowhere to go.

Manningham Housing Association’s chief executive stated that there was plenty of government funding available and that the only issue they might face is private funding. These initiatives are sure to receive the funding they need since this project is a win-win situation for all those involved.

Doing Your Part to Find Work with a Construction NVQ in Bradford

Bradford city is clearly concerned with keeping construction professionals working, but the concern is whether the professionals are concerned enough to do anything about it. Often times construction workers do not realise that they may not be being passed up because of a lack of work, but because they lack the necessary requirements.

Even the trades that require more “undercover” work like plastering and dry lining benefit from extra certification. The simplest and most effective way to make sure that you are not limiting yourself is to get your Dry Lining or Plastering NVQ. These certifications will significantly increase your chances of being chosen for a vast number of projects. Once you have obtained your Bradford Dry Lining or Plastering NVQ, at least you will be able to rest assured that your joblessness is due to a lack of work, and not a lack of certification on your part.

While the industry continues to struggle, take the time to get any and all certifications that you can. While you schedule your Construction NVQ in Bradford assessment, find out how you can get your CSCS card at the same time. There is no such thing as being over-prepared and the benefits you reap will be endless.

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Extensive Construction Projects Mean Extensive Requirements for Workers Involved

Construction NVQ Birmingham

There is little room for the incompetent when hundreds of millions in funds are being pumped into a project.  Employers are not willing to jeopardise their good name and reputation, budgets, or deadlines and this means that only the best workers available will be recruited to take part in major projects.  Perhaps you are the best in your trade—but how do you prove that to an employer who is recruiting by the hundreds?  The answer is simple—if you are a roofer or welder, the only way to prove that you are both talented and safe is with your level 3 construction NVQ in Birmingham.

Big Plans for Birmingham’s University

The Birmingham City University is investing £180 million to update its facilities.  This is the second proposal that has been submitted for approval after the first one was rejected due to the Eastside Rail Station being built right where the University had planned to expand.

The planning has finally received full permission and the first phase is beginning shortly and set to come to a close in the autumn of 2013.  The building will cover 18,310 square meters and will be five stories.  The building was designed to incorporate efficiency of space and be suitably functional as well as being sustainable.  Part of the plans will introduce a new atrium, a courtyard, and an elevated bridge that will link into other occupied areas of the University.

A Construction NVQ in Birmingham Will Earn You Trust

With the city completely backing and supporting the University’s plans, there is absolutely no room for things to go wrong.  Gaining approval for projects like this is no easy task-especially when nearly £200 million is involved.  While this project will undoubtedly create jobs, those with nothing more than a toolbox and their own good word to offer will not be considered.

Welding and Roofing are two of the trades that are considerably dangerous and great care is taken in selecting the workers recruited to perform these jobs on projects this size.  With your Welding NVQ or Roofing NVQ in Birmingham, you can offer employers the assurance that you are competent in every aspect of your chosen trade.  Employers are well aware of what it takes to gain your Construction NVQ in Birmingham and they know that if an assessor felt you were skilled in technique and safety, then they have no need to worry.

Workers have to understand that there is much at stake on projects of this size.  Those who have not taken the steps necessary to become certified and receive their level 2 NVQ in Roofing or NVQ in Welding should not expect to be employed alongside those who have.


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Adding to the Magic of Stromness with a Construction NVQ

Construction NVQ Liverpool

Major construction projects are always headline news when awarded to a company but as a construction worker with an Edinburgh Construction NVQ in any field, who gets the contract is not of as much importance to you as how many jobs they are going to be offering to workers like you. It’s a good idea to stay on top of these news stories so you know what projects are happening and how you can get involved.

Beautifying the Already Beautiful

One project that made its way into headlines and stayed there for a while was the project to redevelop Stromness in the Orkney Islands. This was a major undertaking for any Scotland company and the Edinburgh-based company Reiach and Hall were on the front lines pushing hard to win it.

The purpose of the project was to redevelop the pier-head of the town as well as a revamp of the waterfront site’s public space. The companies vying for the contract were encouraged to submit designs that would add to the rich architecture that Stromness already possesses. The Edinburgh company has some advantage over the others since they have done work on Stromness before. They have stated that the area is very dear to them and that they plan to handle the project with a degree of respect and add to a place that they already deem magical.

Construction NVQ’s in Edinburgh to be Proud of

Projects such as these are a great way for painters and tile workers with an NVQ to get involved in a job that would recognise their amazing skills and abilities. A Painting NVQ or a Tiling NVQ are just two of the certifications available to skilled trades workers willing to put forth the time and effort to become certified. Obtaining a Construction NVQ in Edinburgh is a relatively simple process that requires to you schedule an assessment with a professional assessor. They will come to your job site and watch you at work completing the same tasks you do every day. They will be watching your techniques, your abilities, and what safety precautions you take.

If you are found to be completely competent in your field of work and meet the necessary requirements, you will be awarded your construction NVQ and be one step further in your career. Those who receive their construction NVQ in Edinburgh should truly be proud since these jobs require a true eye for detail and very intricate and artistic skills on top of the technical ones required of all trades.


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Peel’s Plans Aimed At Certified Construction Professionals

Construction NVQ Liverpool

When new construction projects are announced, even if they are still in the planning stages or have not yet been approved, the wise construction worker will make sure to be prepared.  Although the economy has really hurt the construction industry, there are still countless projects taking place to update, restore, or enhance Liverpool.  It was about this time last year that we first heard about Peel’s proposition to regenerate the Liverpool docklands.

One Project, Tens of Thousands of Jobs

Many will remember well when news was first released about Peel’s proposition for the docklands.  It was a £5.5 billion design that would result in the development of new offices, apartments, and shops.  Also included was (and how could we forget this?) the 55-storey Shanghai Tower.  Peel’s entire scheme was about developing Liverpool, bringing it up to date and making it an overall better city for residents and visitors alike.

Careful consideration and much deliberation took place over these plans.  The Liverpool City Council was the first to scrutinise them before submitting to the Secretary of State for final approval.  If approved, this project would not only significantly enhance Liverpool as a city, but would provide tens of thousands of jobs for construction workers.  Better yet, this project was so massive that the jobs offered would be long term and give professionals some security and peace of mind that had been severely lacking in the industry.

Is Your Construction NVQ in Liverpool Ready to be Put to Work?

Because this colossal project involves 14,000 apartment buildings alone, carpenters, joiners, and tile workers are going to make up a significant number of the construction professionals hired.  You can assume, however, that a project so big it cannot begin without the approval of the secretary of state is not going to employ just anyone who claims to have some basic know-how of the industry.

A project this size requires those with experience, exceptional skills, and impeccable safety procedures; everything required to receive your Carpentry NVQ, Joinery NVQ, or Tiling NVQ in Liverpool.  With your Construction NVQ to back up your good word about yourself, employers on this project will know that you are fully competent and can be trusted.  You cannot expect to be employed alongside those who do have a Construction NVQ in Liverpool if you yourself have not taken the time to obtain yours.  Consider the amount of money that £5.5 billion is—this project cannot receive any negative attention for any reason, and certainly not because incompetent workers were hired.

Do the smart thing and get your level 2 Carpentry NVQ, Tiling NVQ, or Joinery NVQ right now while the idea is fresh on your mind.  Scheduling an assessment is easy and is conducted on the job.  You want to be prepared at all times so that as soon as projects are announced you know you are ready to go and can prove that you are the best.


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Getting a Construction NVQ in Manchester for YOU

Construction NVQ Manchester

Construction professionals often fail to realise that what they do truly does give back to the community. With every building that provides a home, a care centre that gives people a place to go, or a school that gives children a place to learn, construction professionals are making their community a better place. One Manchester company found a way to give back even more and showed that they truly are dedicated to making a difference.

Manchester Lodge Expansion Construction Project

One way to give back to the community is by applying for jobs in your area that aim to do just that.  One such project in Manchester at the moment is the Manchester Lodge Expansion.  The Manchester Lodge is a nursing home and has currently received planning permission to expand so that it is able to take on a further 43 residents.  If you have a Construction NVQ in Manchester, you have a good chance of being accepted by the Fairview Planning Authority to work on this job.  What better way to give back to your local community by not only helping out the elderly but also helping to create an increase in jobs for the nursing industry.

Manchester Plumbing and Carpentry NVQ’s Are a Way to Give Back — to Yourself

As a skilled trades professional, you have the opportunity to give something back every single day. Plumbers are providing people with convenience and carpenters provide the basic structure for what will soon be homes to keep people safe and warm. You may have chosen one of these particular professions for any number of reasons and whatever your reason, you were willing to put for the time and energy to get the proper training.

If your profession meant enough to you for you to come this far, why not take it one step further and become certified? Your Bricklaying NVQ or Carpentry NVQ in Manchester shows that you take pride in what you do and the community you serve. It also shows those you are working for that you are completely competent in your skills and that they can feel safe and at ease with any work you complete for them.

Every day you make a difference in the lives of others, whether through your work or through donations like the company in Manchester did. Why not make a difference in your own life and get your level 2 NVQ in plumbing or carpentry in Manchester? It showcases your abilities and it helps your clients by offering them something that many professionals can’t; total peace of mind.


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