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Your Tiler CSCS Card: Some Frequently Asked Questions

Tiling NVQ

The Tiler CSCS Card is the industry standard method of identification and accreditation’s for competence and health and safety knowledge. You will need a Tiler CSCS Card to get work on most British building sites. The Card contains all the information your employer needs to know about you: your photograph; your name; your registration number; and a list of the Tiler NVQ Levels and other industry accreditations you have achieved. The CSCS hologram on the Tiler Card denotes that it is a real CSCS Card and that you have passed the CSCS Health, Safety & Environment Test appropriate to your trade and position. The Tiler CSCS Card is awarded to you when you have completed the Tiler NVQ you need for the colour Card you are applying for, and have passed the CSCS Health, Safety & Environment Test.

Can I Renew My Tiler CSCS Card?

If you lose your Tiler CSCS Card, or come to the end of its period of validity (you will find an expiry date for the Card listed on the front, along with your registration number and personal details), you can renew it for a fee. There are different validity periods for different CSCS Tiler Cards.

Some Red Tiler CSCS Cards are valid for a one-time period only. This is the case for Cards that are intended as stop-gaps, while the holder completes a Tiler NVQ Level required for his or her permanent coloured card. The Red Tiler Card for Experienced Workers; and the Red Tiler Card for Management, are both non renewable. In these two cases, a red card is supplied as a temporary measure until the holder has achieved either a Tiler NVQ Level 2 or 3 (in the case of the Experienced Workers Red Cards); or Level 4 or 5 (for management Red Cards). Once the holder has achieved the NVQ Level noted, he or she becomes eligible for (respectively) a Blue Tiler CSCS Card; a Gold Tiler CSCS Card; or a Black Tiler CSCS Card.

What Colour Tiler CSCS Card am I Eligible For?

If you have achieved Tiling NVQ Level 1, you are entitled to a Red Tiler CSCS Card. The Red Card is for Trainees. After you have followed your NVQ through to the next level, you become entitled to a Blue Tiler CSCS Card for Skilled Workers.

The Blue Card is commensurate with NVQ Level 2. NVQ Level 3 will get you a Gold Tiler CSCS Card; and Levels 4 or 5 will be worth a Black Tiler CSCS Card.

Can I Work as a Tiler Without the Tiler CSCS Card?

If you have passed your Tiler CSCS Test, you will possess a certificate that proves your competence in Health and Safety knowledge. However, this certificate is not intended as a pass to work onsite and in the majority of cases will not be accepted as sufficient documentation. Some UKL building sites will take your CSCS Health, Safety & Environment Certificate as evidence that your Tiler CSCS Card is on its way: but do check with individual sites, and don’t assume that you can turn up to work without your Tiler CSCS Card.



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Local Labour Recruitment Does Not Mean Lowered Standards in Construction

Tiling NVQ The only thing better than hearing news of a new construction project, is hearing that they plan to use as many local workers as possible.  Keeping labour local means more work for Sheffield NVQ qualified construction workers as well as the opportunity for recognition in your own community that hopefully leads to future work in the Sheffield area as well.  Projects that encompass several things simultaneously are also beneficial since they ultimately mean long term work for those employed on them.  One Sheffield project begun just this month offers both of these things — with NVQ construction Sheffield employees at the forefront for selection.

Sheffield Home Improvements

When the Apollo group was chosen for the revamping and improvements of homes across Sheffield, it was expected that recruitment of construction workers would be significantly increased.  The £10 million project was designed to provide insulated over-cladding to 1,000 homes in the Lansdowne and Hanover areas.  Another 200 homes were added to the contract as part of the “Decent Homes” program.  With the project expected to last two years, the Apollo group informed Sheffield that it would be using specialists as well as providing NVQ qualified construction locals with employment opportunities and there was even some opportunity for training.

This particular project aside, the government’s “Decent Homes” program has been allocated £1.6 Billion for the improvement of 150,000 homes.  If a 1,200 home project is creating jobs for locals, can you imagine what will happen when the 150,000 home project gets underway?  Now is the time for workers to prepare so as not to be left out of these incredible opportunities.

A Construction NVQ in Sheffield is Important for Every Type of Project

Construction professionals often make the mistake of assuming that since companies are promising to take on local workers, they must be willing to take anyone.  Providing locals with jobs does not mean that companies are willing to risk their good name and reputation to provide substandard employees with a job.  The same rules still apply and you must be properly qualified and certified if you hope to be able to take your place on projects of this magnitude. For this reason construction professionals should make sure they have their Construction NVQ in Sheffield and are therefore qualified for the up coming roles.

Obtaining your Level 2 Dry Lining NVQ or your Level 2 Tiling NVQ is the most simple yet effective way of increasing your chances of being selected for these redevelopment projects.  They are going to be taking place all over Sheffield for the next several years and the demand for workers is going to continue to increase.  Dry Liners and tile workers especially should be working toward their Dry Lining NVQ or Tiling NVQ since these two trades are always in high demand.

A Dry Lining NVQ or Tiling NVQ will ensure that you are one of the first in line when local workers are recruited.  It also means that you are prepared as the rest of the improvement projects begin to take place.


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Furthering Your Career in Bradford with a Construction NVQ

Bradford Construction NVQ Construction professionals get to take pride each day in the fact that their hands were involved in the building of structures that change lives. Colleges, hospitals, offices, homes; all of these buildings are impacting peoples’ lives on a daily basis. Taking pride in what you do is something that all construction professionals should be doing; without your skills and talents, no one would be able to enjoy the comforts and rewards of the buildings you create. Taking pride in what you do extends beyond just pointing out the buildings you have worked on though; it means taking advantage of every possible opportunity to enhance your skills, gain certifications, and advance your career.

An Exciting Time at Bradford College

The Bradford College campus project was completed with the help of several bricklayers, tillers and painters and was one that impacted lives and was deeply appreciated by all. The £120 million project called for the development of what is being called a “Learning Mall.” The complex would offer students working towards certifications in areas such as catering or cosmetology the opportunity to put their skills to work in a real-life environment.

A few of the new facilities offered include an atrium that is multiple stories high, a piazza and other landscaped areas, as well as the utilization of technology that is environmentally friendly. Truly this project is impacting lives on a daily basis- these students are able to take advantage of learning strategies that many others could only dream of.  The university will be undergoing even more developments, which the college’s chief executive describes as, “an exciting time.”

A Bradford Construction NVQ Will Speak For You

Projects of this magnitude with millions invested are held to strict budgets and deadlines. The workers recruited must be the absolute best as well as being able to work quickly and efficiently and avoid accidents. That is why workers certified with an Construction NVQ in Bradford are always considered first. Bricklaying, tiling, and painting are major parts of jobs such as this (as well as other commercial buildings), and they are also jobs that require a significant amount of precision and skill. Those with a level 3 Bricklaying NVQ, level 3 Tiling NVQ, or level 3 Painting NVQ are able to be trusted with the tedious and intricate work involved in ending with a product that looks nothing less than extraordinary.

Having a Bricklaying NVQ, Painting NVQ, or Tiling NVQ in Bradford also makes it much easier for employers to make a quick judgment of your abilities and put you to work quickly.  Employers know that if you were able to pass your jobsite assessment and obtain your Construction NVQ, they can trust you to provide quality work with little or no error.


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The Plasterer CSCS Card and the Plasterer NVQ

Plasterer CSCS Card

The Plasterer CSCS Card is available to all Plasterers who have achieved a Plastering NVQ Level. The Card shows the competence of the individual and is representative of his or her path through industry approved accreditations (in this case the Plastering NVQ and the CSCS Health, Safety & Environment Test) to the position that he or she currently holds.

The Plasterer NVQ can be passed through On Site Assessment, where a qualified Assessor is sent to a worker’s place of employment so he or she can be marked for the relevant NVQ modules without losing working time. As the NVQ is a measure of a person’s competence to do the work of a Plasterer, the bulk of your assessment revolves around practical rather than theoretical considerations.

The Plasterer CSCS Card and Your Job

The UK building trade adopted CSCS as its mark of competence in the early 21st century. After a 10 year initial stage, the Scheme was overhauled to become a tighter, better regimented mark of quality assurance. Now, without a Plasterer CSCS Card you won’t get the job you want on any UK building site. The new look CSCS Smart Card, which was introduced in 2010, has eliminated all possibility of a person holding an incorrectly endorsed CSCS Plasterer Card: which means, if you want the work that rewards in terms of both satisfaction and money, that you must pass the Plasterer NVQ to the relevant Level and apply for the Plasterer CSCS Card that goes with it.

How the CSCS Plasterer Smart Card Works

The CSCS Plasterer Smart Card shows all your relevant information: a photograph; your name; your registration number; and the expiry date of your Plasterer CSCS Card. It also bears the CSCS hologram – a mark of authenticity that denotes a pass in the Plasterer CSCS Test for the trades endorsed on the card.

The Back of your CSCS Plasterer Smart Card shows the qualification route you have followed to arrive at your present level of competence, skill and health and safety awareness.

There’s a Smart Card Chip in the front of your CSCS Plasterer Card, which has all this information logged in it. Your employer is able to find out exactly what qualifications you currently hold by inserting your Smart Card into a reader and interrogating the database. That’s why there are more building sites than ever operating to a “no CSCS Card, no work” rule.

The Plasterer CSCS Card Route

A Plasterer CSCS Card is available in four colours. The Red Plasterer CSCS Card denotes a Trainee Plasterer. You’ll hold this while you study for your Plasterer NVQ Level 2, which marks you as qualified enough to be called a Plasterer in your own right. Once you have achieved NVQ Level 2 in Plastering, you are eligible for a Blue CSCS Plasterer Card, which will show employers instantly that you are a skilled worker.

When you achieve a Plastering NVQ Level 3, you can swap your Blue CSCS Card for a Gold Plasterer CSCS Card. The Gold Card denotes that you have significant experience. A Black CSCS Card at NVQ Level 5 shows that you are of managerial quality.


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The Carpenter CSCS Card Explained

Carpentry CSCS Card

In order to work in the UK building industry as a Carpenter, you will need a Carpenter CSCS Card. Your Card is evidence both to your employer and to the owner of the site that you have the qualifications and experience necessary to do the job you want at the level you desire.

Your Carpenter CSCS Card is colour coded for easy identification. There are four basic colours of Card, each pertaining to a Carpentry NVQ Level. The Carpentry NVQ, which measures your levels of competence and skill in the trade, is now a basic requirement for all Carpenters: as is the CSCS Card itself. Without it, you’ll find t impossible to get the position you want in the Carpentry trade.

How the Carpentry CSCS Card Helps you Get the Role You Want

If you are applying for a Carpentry position in the UK building industry, your prospective employer will want to know which Carpentry CSCS Card you hold. The Card you have acts as a portable CV, as well as direct evidence of the Carpentry NVQ Levels and Carpentry CSCS Test passes you have accrued. For example: if you hold a Blue Carpentry CSCS Card, which denotes that you have achieved NVQ Level 2 in your trade, then your prospective employer will automatically see that you are qualified and dedicated. In the rare situations where employers even still accept applications from Carpenters without a Carpentry CSCS Card, those who have will always be preferred over those who have not.

It is almost entirely the case now that all UK building sites – and certainly all companies and employers of good repute – will not consider you for the work you want unless you have the Carpentry NVQ Level and Carpentry CSCS Card to back you up.

Types of Carpentry CSCS Card

The five colours of Carpentry CSCS Card are: Red; Blue; Gold; and Black. The Red Carpentry CSCS Card is for Trainees, who have achieved a Carpentry NVQ Level 1 and are studying for their NVQ Level 2. On achievement of Level 2, you’ll be eligible for the Blue Carpentry CSCS Card for Skilled Workers. NVQ Level 3 gets you a Gold Carpentry CSCS Card: and NVQ Levels 4 and 5 entitle you (in the right role) to a Black Carpentry CSCS Card for Managers.

There are two types of Gold CSCS Card: The CSCS Carpentry Card for high level Skilled Workers; and the CSCS Carpentry Card for Supervisors. While the Carpentry NVQ Level is the same, the role is different.

Applying for Your Carpenter CSCS Card

You’ll need to pass the correct CSCS Health, Safety & Environment Test, which you can book online. The Test proves that you have the health and safety knowledge necessary to work in the building industry. There are CSCS Tests for different trades so be sure you are booking the correct one. Your Carpenter CSCS Card is endorsed on the back with your Health, Safety & Environment Test pass.

You can be assessed on site for your Carpentry NVQ, allowing you to qualify without missing any working days.



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Getting the Role You Want with Your Bricklayer CSCS Card

Bricklayer CSCS Cardl

The Bricklayer CSCS Card is essential to achieving the role you desire in the construction industry. Like all trades in the UK building sector, bricklaying is now competence assessed through the NVQ scheme – and has stringent health and safety requirements that must be covered too. Your Bricklayer CSCS Card is evidence that you have achieved the Bricklayer NVQ to the required Level for your current position (and of course for positions you are going to apply for); and that you have passed a CSCS Health, Safety & Environment Test.

The CSCS Health, Safety & Environment Test and the Bricklayer CSCS Card

The Bricklayer CSCS Card is contingent on passing the Bricklayer CSCS Test – an industry wide standard, which ensures that you have attained an approved level of health and safety knowledge in the areas appropriate to your trade. Passing a Bricklayer CSCS Test is normally required for the possession of every type of CSCS Bricklayer Card: though if you have completed the relevant Bricklayer NVQ Level within the last two years you may be exempt. The Bricklayer NVQ contains a Health and Safety Component, which is in some cases sufficient to be seen as equal to a CSCS Health, Safety & Environment Test pass.

The Bricklayer NVQ and the Bricklayer CSCS Card

The Bricklayer NVQ is imperative for all bricklayers and related trade positions. Even if you have many years’ experience in the trade, right up to management level, you will be required to pass the correct Level of Bricklayer NVQ for the Bricklayer CSCS Card you need. NVQ allows the UK construction industry to measure competence and skill through all its trades, so as a manager you will need to qualify for the Bricklayer NVQ Level 4 or 5.

You can apply for a Red CSCS Bricklayer Card while you complete the appropriate NVQ training. Your Bricklayer NVQ can be assessed on the job, so you neither lose time nor money while you are achieving your qualification. As a manager, you would be eligible for the Black Bricklayer CSCS Card once you had achieved NVQ Level 4 or above.

The CSCS Bricklayer Card: Colours

Like all CSCS Cards, the CSCS Bricklayer Card is available in different colours according to the Level of NVQ achievement you have reached. As such, the Bricklaying CSCS Cards represent a traceable path through the levels of your career. The Red CSCS Bricklayer Card is for Trainees, who are enrolled in Bricklaying NVQ courses that will give them Levels 2, 3, 4, or 5 depending on their position and the colour of CSCS Card they are ultimately looking for.

The Blue and Gold CSCS Bricklayer Cards are for Skilled Workers and Supervisors respectively. It is possible to hold a Gold CSCS Bricklayer Card without being a Supervisor: the Supervisor endorsement is contingent on your job title.

The Black CSCS Bricklayer Card is for Managers, who have achieved a Bricklaying NVQ Level 4 or 5.


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Why Your Joiner CSCS Card is Vital For Getting Work

Joiner CSCS Card

You are now required to produce your Joiner CSCS Card before you are allowed to work as a joiner on the vast majority of UK building sites. The Card is part of the recognised national scheme for measuring competence, skill and health and safety knowledge in the more than 350 trades that are built into the British construction industry.

No matter what level you have attained in your trade, from Apprentice through to Skilled Worker or even Management, the correct Joiner CSCS Card is imperative if you are to be allowed access to the sites you want to work on. It has become standard documentation for working in construction, in the same way that a hard hat and safety boots are standard issue equipment for getting onto a construction site.

What the Joiner CSCS Card Does

Your joiner CSCS Card has two main functions: to provide an easy way of listing all your trade and Health and Safety qualifications in one place; and to identify you as the person you claim to be. It works with a Smart Card Chip, which contains an electronic copy of all your personal information. Your employer can interrogate the Chip to find out everything about you: your full name; your trade; your Joiner NVQ Levels; your Joiner CSCS test passes; and your appearance. As a result it is no longer possible for a worker to possess a Joiner CSCS Card that displays the wrong endorsements for qualifications, or claims to be at a higher level than that worker has achieved.

How to Get Your Joiner CSCS Card

You’ll need to pass the relevant CSCS Health, Safety & Environment Test, and to achieve a pass in the Joiner NVQ at the appropriate Level. The NVQ is assessed on site, in the main, in keeping with its function as a practical; measure of your skills for the trade you have chosen to follow. Achievement of a Joiner NVQ at any Level is documented proof that an expert Assessor has watched you work and found your knowledge, problem solving skills and overall ability to do your job commensurate with the requirements indicated.

When you have your Joiner NVQ at the right Level for your position (a Trainee, for example, does not have the experience or competence necessary to supervise a team of Joiners), plus the CSCS Health, Safety & Environment Test Pass, you will be able to apply for the Joiner CSCS Card you need.

Levels of Joiner CSCS Card

The Joiner CSCS Card follows the standard colour coding route for all CSCS Cards. A Red Card is for Trainees (NVQ Level 1); a Blue Card is for Skilled Workers (NVQ Level 2); a Gold Card is for Highly Skilled Workers or Supervisors (NVQ Level 3); and a Black Card is for Managers (NVQ Levels 4 or 5).

Whether you require a Red Joiner CSCS Card; a Blue Joiner CSCS Card; a Gold Joiner CSCS Card; or a Black Joiner CSCS Card, depends on the nature of the position you hold, as well as the Level of Joiner NVQ you have attained.



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Positive Publicity Brought on by Construction NVQ Holders

Construction NVQ in Liverpool

As a Liverpool construction business owner you have the opportunity to make a difference in the community.  Projects that truly mean something are often made public and this gives you an excellent opportunity to showcase your company.  You also have the opportunity to be considered for awards, and few things speak louder than a public presentation of gratitude for your work.

An Old Bridge and a New Award

One major Liverpool project that was appreciated by the public as a whole and gained several awards was the restoration of the Stanley Dock Bridge.  The project cost £600,000 and completely repaired and restored the rickety 78 year old bridge.  What makes this bridge even more special is that it is the only remaining example of a rolling Bascule lift bridge left in Liverpool.  The bridge is the main feature of the Stanley Dock Conservation.

The bridge had been closed because of major corrosion that made it too dangerous to use and the original plan was to just fit a new crossing.  However, the owners decided it would be a much more fitting idea to refurbish the old bridge and try to preserve some of Liverpool’s history.

Manchester and Cheshire Construction was awarded this project and because of their outstanding work were invited to the “Historic Bridge and Infrastructure Awards,” where they were presented with a prestigious award as well as recognition from the Board of Civil Engineers.

Being publicly recognised and awarded for a job well done is something that most companies only dream of, but it is a dream of all of them.  Every construction business owner hopes that one day their team of workers will complete something so outstanding that their company name will become known by all.  They also know that this will never be achieved if they do not employ the most elite skilled tradesmen available.

Every Skilled Trade Benefits from a Construction NVQ in Liverpool

More and more companies are beginning to encourage or demand that their workers have an NVQ in order to remain employed by them.  By employing an entire staff of Liverpool Construction NVQ holders, your company automatically becomes unique, qualified, and able to offer clients a rare advantage.  Even skilled trades such as dry lining (which is not as visible a part of a new building as painting or plumbing), definitely benefit from a level 2 construction NVQ.

A level 3 Dry Lining NVQ lets employers know that even the parts of the building that are not seen when completed have been done with flawless skill.  The last thing an employer wants is to have to strip everything back down to correct a mistake that was made in the first phase of building.  Your Dry Lining NVQ lets everyone know that you were assessed and found completely competent in your trade.

While publicity is something that every company hopes for, negative publicity can destroy a company.  By employing only Dry Liners with an NVQ, employers significantly reduce their risk of receiving negative publicity because of accidents, budget overages, or the inability to meet deadlines.


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Glasgow Eastgate Office Project—A Great Opportunity for Those With an NVQ

Glasgow Construction NVQ

Glasgow’s east end is being completely regenerated with a £10m project. The plan is to complete 6,800 square feet of offices which is the first phase of a proposal for Clyde Gateway. The companies awarded the contracts are looking for local residents to assist with the work, and plumbers, painters, and carpenters with an NVQ in Glasgow will most definitely be first in line.

Glasgow Project Overview

A £10m assignment indicates some extensive work to be done. The east end of Glasgow is going to be a totally new area once this Clyde Gateway project has been fully completed. The transformation is partially linked to other developments taking place for the Commonwealth Games coming to Glasgow in 2014.

The project is expected to be completed and the office open for business in April of next year. Though this building is going to be the home of the Glasgow Community and Safety Services who already have a 20 year lease, it is only just the beginning. The entire Clyde Gateway covers 840 hectares of area and is one of Scotland’s top priority areas for renewal. The first plans for this project were originally begun in 2007. The overall ambition is to completely regenerate the East end as well as part of South Lanarkshire over the next 20 years.

Glasgow Construction NVQ Holders Will Fill in First

The office building is only just the beginning and with plans for a 20 year project, construction professionals would be wise to get themselves involved as soon as possible. Project winners extending work to people outside of their own companies is relatively unheard of; those with a Plumbing NVQ, Painting NVQ, or NVQ in Carpentry in Glasgow especially should be taking advantage of the opportunity.

£10m is a substantial amount of money and much faith and trust is being put into the companies at the forefront of the construction. It’s safe to assume that not just any workers will be given positions, and the companies will expect and accept only the best of the best. Unfortunately, simply stating that you are the best will likely not be enough—the best proof you can provide is an NVQ. A Plumbing NVQ, Carpentry NVQ, or Painting NVQ is concrete evidence that you have been proven competent to handle the safety needs and technical requirements that will be needed.

Acting now and getting your construction NVQ before major projects like these are underway will ensure that you are one of the best possible candidates for the job. You cannot and will not be hired based on your good word alone; your construction NVQ will speak for you.


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Companies Realising the Importance of NVQ and CSCS Cards

Electrical NVQ

Back in the day, anyone with a toolbox could show up on a construction site and be put to work immediately; no training required.  Luckily, the importance of safety and proper training has been brought to the forefront and governments are doing all they can to enforce strict rules to ensure the safety of construction workers.  In Manchester, one company is beginning a program of its own that will hopefully spread like wildfire.

Meeting Construction Safety Goals in Manchester

MC Construction of Manchester is known for the major projects they complete, their quality workmanship, and the calibre of employees they keep staffed. Last year, MC came out and said that they had accomplished yet another goal and it had nothing to do with meeting project deadlines.

In July of 2010, MC Construction announced that every single member of their staff had been awarded their CSCS card. Each member of the MC personnel completed the training necessary to be awarded a CSCS card that was relevant to their position, and contracts director Ian Lowe stated that this was just the beginning. They are planning to extend the program to their supply chains and encouraging each of those employees to become CSCS certified as well. The ultimate goal is for every employee of MC Construction, regardless of their position, to have this certification.

Lowe stated that they feel they can offer their clients something unique by having an entire workforce that holds this certification. He feels it is an excellent way to portray the competency of their employees to their clients and let them know that they are a cut above the rest.

Similar Goals for Construction NVQ in Manchester

If a company as large as MC Construction can get every single employee to become CSCS certified, it should be easy for smaller Manchester companies to do the same. But why stop there? Companies can and should be creating programs to encourage their employees to receive their Manchester Construction NVQ as well. Considerably high risk professions such as roofing, electrics, and welding especially should be developing these programs.

If every high risk worker in Manchester held a Roofing NVQ, Electrical NVQ, or Welding NVQ, clients and companies alike would feel more comfortable allowing them on job sites. While all construction trades can be dangerous, these are even more so and concrete proof of competency would put clients at ease when a worker is completing a particularly dangerous job for them.

An NVQ in roofing, electrics or welding in Manchester are all so simple to obtain that there really is no reason why Manchester companies should not only encourage employees to get them, but make it a mandatory part of employment.  By having an entire company full of certified workers, your company becomes elite and can offer something that no other can—nothing else could set you apart as much as this.


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