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Furthering Your Career in Bradford with a Construction NVQ

Construction professionals get to take pride each day in the fact that their hands were involved in the building of structures that change lives. Colleges, hospitals, offices, homes; all of these buildings are impacting peoples’ lives on a daily basis. Taking pride in what you do is something that all construction professionals should be doing; […]

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Getting the Role You Want with Your Bricklayer CSCS Card

The Bricklayer CSCS Card is essential to achieving the role you desire in the construction industry. Like all trades in the UK building sector, bricklaying is now competence assessed through the NVQ scheme – and has stringent health and safety requirements that must be covered too. Your Bricklayer CSCS Card is evidence that you have […]

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Getting a Construction NVQ in Manchester for YOU

Construction professionals often fail to realise that what they do truly does give back to the community. With every building that provides a home, a care centre that gives people a place to go, or a school that gives children a place to learn, construction professionals are making their community a better place. One Manchester […]

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Liverpool Regeneration Means Long-Term Work For Those With an Construction NVQ

How many construction workers would love the promise of 20 years of guaranteed work – or as long as they would like to continue working?  Long term work seems to be harder and harder for those in the construction industry to find these days, but that is exactly what is being offered by the Liverpool […]

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Getting a Construction NVQ Means the Ability to Get Involved

Construction jobs are being created all over Birmingham as major projects begin popping up everywhere.  Construction professionals who want to get involved should prepare as much as possible; while workers will be in high demand, there will also be a substantial number of workers jocking for positions.  Before the biggest projects get underway, carpenters and […]

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Be Prepared with your Level 3 Bricklaying NVQ

Reports released in February 2011 showed that the UK’s construction industry just might be making a comeback.  While there may not be many companies actively hiring, employee cutbacks have ceased, and the sun just might be coming back out for construction professionals.  As a bricklayer, now is a better time than ever to work your […]

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Our Guide to the Level 4 or higher NVQ Diploma in Senior Crafts Brickwork

Introduction to Bricklaying NVQ Ask any person (in construction or otherwise) what type of job first comes to mind when they think about a construction site and chances are that bricklaying will the title that will feature most prominently. But whereas many people do know that bricklaying is one of the most important tasks in […]

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Everything you need to know about the Level 2 NVQ in Trowel Occupations

Introduction to Trowel Occupations Bricklaying NVQ As a bricklayer, there is such a wide range of potential circumstances you can encounter in the course of work. To qualify for Level 1 Bricklaying NVQ, you will usually have to hone your skills as an apprentice under an experienced bricklayer. It is as you develop your on […]

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