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The Plasterer CSCS Card and the Plasterer NVQ

The Plasterer CSCS Card is available to all Plasterers who have achieved a Plastering NVQ Level. The Card shows the competence of the individual and is representative of his or her path through industry approved accreditations (in this case the Plastering NVQ and the CSCS Health, Safety & Environment Test) to the position that he […]

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Boosting Construction with Initiatives and NVQ’s

When it was decided that the construction in Bradford may need a boost, home building was the first thing to be considered. While Bradford has had many significant projects taking place over the last several years, the industry was still not doing as well as hoped and workers were still jobless. The home building initiatives […]

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Achieving a Plastering NVQ

The Plastering NVQ is rapidly becoming essential property for any plasterer who wants to work on a UK building site. The NVQs link with the CSCS Card (in addition to a CSCS Health, Safety & Environment Test you also need to achieve a relevant level NVQ in your trade) has made it a qualification you […]

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Ornamental Plastering – Level 2 NVQ Diploma in Plastering – Fibrous

Introduction to fibrous plastering NVQ As a plasterer, you are the person who gives that classy, finishing touch to the otherwise coarse floor, wall and ceiling surface. Plastering is achieved through a wide range of substances all depending on the type of finish the property owner or architect had in mind. Plastering is a promising […]

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Solid Skills – Level 2 NVQ Diploma in Plastering – Solid

Introduction to solid plastering NVQ Of the two forms of plastering – solid and fibrous – solid plastering is considered the core skill of plastering. Virtually every construction site will require some form of solid plastering but not every building will necessarily need fibrous plastering. Some industry experts consider dry lining to be a third […]

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At Your Peak – Level 4+ NVQ Diploma in Senior Crafts – Plastering

Introduction to Senior Crafts Plastering NVQ By the time you consider going for the Level 4 or higher Senior Crafts Plastering NVQ, you are likely to be approaching the peak of your career in plastering. You should already be knowledgeable with all key aspects of modern day plastering including extensive knowledge of both solid and […]

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The Importance of Safety… Is it Going Too Far?

A great too many construction professionals are not taking workplace health and safety seriously- either for lack of knowledge or improper training.  The UK, however, takes safety so seriously that they have even come up with policies that end up costing them more and really don’t appear to make sense.  Somewhere there has to be […]

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