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Why Your Dryliner CSCS Card Puts You at the Front of the Retro Fit Boom

Dry Liner CSCS Card

Retro fitting for greener construction is quickly becoming a major source of employment for workers whose trades are connected to energy efficient building. The Green Investment Bank and the Green Deal are both making projects that have a significant green component to them, more viable. That often means retro fitting existing infrastructure, particularly business and public sector infrastructure, to take advantage of the cash incentives available for carbon zero installations. Your Dryliner CSCS Card has become a ticket to take advantage of the retro fit boom, as one of the trades at the head of the line for carbon zero building.

The Dryliner CSCS Card and the Green Deal

As the green deal starts to incentivise energy efficient building, there are clear opportunities for the following g trades: heating engineers; drylining workers; roofers; glazers; plumbers; and electricians. Anything to do with insulation, heating and temperature control is big business. The Dryliner CSCS Card, which stands as evidence of your competence in your trade, shows that you have the skills and knowledge necessary to apply new environmentally friendly techniques.

Your Dry Lining NVQ Level dictates the colour of Dryliner CSCS Card you are entitled to. It also displays the current level of your expertise to your employers. As a rough guide, Blue and Gold Dryliner CSCS Cards are where you should be aiming if you want to take advantage of the retro fit boom. The Blue Skilled Worker and the Gold Highly Skilled Worker or Supervisor’s CSCS Cards show that you have significant experience and skill.

The Dryliner CSCS Card and the New Green Construction Skill

There has been some concern expressed in the trade that Dryliners and other green construction workers may not have time to train in the new skills before deadlines for retro fitting projects start to loom. That concern doesn’t take into account the constantly changing nature of the drylining trade, indeed all UK building trades. Just as you no longer use the tools that your grandfather would have used, so are you able to adapt to new tools, materials and techniques as they arise. The Dryliner CSCS Card in its Blue, Gold and Black (Manager) forms shows that you have the experience and ability to adapt to new techniques.

The Dryliner NVQ is a measure of your all round ability. That includes the capability to take on new techniques and incorporate them into your drylining work. Your Dryliner CSCS Card, particularly the higher colours of Blue, Gold and Black, is an industry wide statement that you are flexible, smart and ready to retro fit.

How to Get Your Dryliner CSCS Card

Don’t worry if you have all the experience necessary to adapt to new green construction techniques, but no Dryliner NVQ. You can book an On Site Assessment to get qualified while you work. Your On Site Assessor will mark you for modules that your skills allow you to pass. Once you have achieved your Dryliner NVQ Level 2 or 3, you’ll be able to apply for a Dryliner CSCS Card in Blue or Gold respectively. Achieve NVQ Level 4 and you can apply for a Black Manager’s Card.


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