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After signing up with us choose which qualification you want and after several months you will be awarded your NVQ.

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About the Bricklayer CSCS Test

Where Can I Make A Booking For A Bricklayers CSCS Test?

You can book your CSCS Test for Bricklayers with Construction Site Skills by booking online

Where Are The Test Centres Where I Can Take My Bricklayers CSCS Test?

You can chose the test centre you want to take your Bricklayers CSCS Test at when you book your test. There are over 300 CSCS test centres in the UK so you are bound to find one within comfortable distance of you.

What Is The Bricklayers CSCS Test Called?

The Bricklayers CSCS Test is officially called the Operative Health, Safety & Environment Test.

Where Do I Get Study Material For my Bricklayer CSCS Test?

You can order study material for your Bricklayer Health, Safety & Environment Test when you book it. We have both CSCS revision books and DVD ROMs which are vital if you want to pass your test first time.

How Long Will It Take?

The test will last 45 minutes.

Will I Qualify For a CSCS Card After I Pass My Bricklaying Health, Safety & Environment Test?

You will qualify for a Red CSCS Card after passing your Bricklaying Health, Safety & Environment Test but if you wish to get a more advanced CSCS Card you will need a Carpentry NVQ as well as your test pass. You can apply for a Carpentry NVQ with Construction Site Skills.

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Construction NVQ

Getting a Construction NVQ is an excellent way to move yourself forward in your construction career. The Construction industry is becoming more and more focused on workers with qualifications that prove they are competent, these qualifications take the form of CSCS Cards. In order to get a valued CSCS Card you will likely need to take a Construction NVQ in your chosen trade.

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