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3 Easy steps to a new job

1 Train for your NVQ

After signing up with us choose which qualification you want and after several months you will be awarded your NVQ.

2 Get a CSCS card

Once you have got your NVQ, you can apply for a new CSCS card. We can begin as soon as you are qualified.

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After recieving your CSCS card you are now able to work in most construction sites at a much higher level.

Get A Tiling NVQ To Advance Your Career And Skills

Get a Tiling NVQ and you will qualify for a more advanced CSCS Card and a better Tiling job. NVQs prove to employers that you are competent at your job and that you are committed to your tiling career. Our NVQs are done via on site assessment so you do not miss a day of work or pay.

The Tiling NVQ

Tiling Health, Safety & Environment Test and CSCS Card

What Tiling NVQs Are Available?

Use the form at the top of the page and get a quote on the prices of Tiling NVQs.

Where Does The NVQ Assessment Take Place?

Our OSAT (On Site Assessment and Training) NVQs take place on site. One of our team of fully qualified assessors will come out to your workplace and observe you while you work. This makes OSAT NVQs ideal of workers in jobs who as they do not have to take time off.

How Long Does It Take To Complete An NVQ?

The time it takes for the entire process can vary according to your prior qualifications, skills and your payment method.

What Is Required Before I Take The NVQ in Tiling?

There are no formal requirements you have to satisfy before you can take a Tiling NVQ. We recommend that you check what each unit entails and ensure you have the skills necessary to pass them.

What Is Involved In The Tiling NVQ?

You will be required to show that you are competent in the following mandatory and your chosen optional modules.

Wall & Floor Tiling NVQ Level 2 (Show All Units)

You will be assessed on your skills and competence in the following mandatory units:

  • Conforming to General Safety in the Workplace
  • Conforming to Efficient Working Practices in the Workplace
  • Moving and Handling Resources in the Workplace
  • Preparing Backgrounds to Receive Wall and/or Floor Tiling in the Workplace
  • Tiling Wall and Floor Surfaces in the Workplace

You also have additional units which do not account for any credits in this qualification:

  • Laying Under Tile Electrical Heating Systems and Tiling Surfaces in the Workplace
  • Slinging Signalling the Movement of Loads (Secondary Role) in the Workplace

Prices: How Much Does It Cost To Take A Tiling NVQ?

Construction Site Skills offer you the best possible value when you take your Tiling NVQ with us. You can pay through our installments programme and be on your way to a qualification with an initial deposit of just £120. To view our price list for all Construction NVQs fill out the form at the top of the page.

What If I Fail Units In The Tiling NVQ?

If you fail units during your Tiling NVQ you just have to be reassessed. You may also take extra units to make up the amount of credits you need to pass the NVQ.

Which Health, Safety & Environment Test Do I Take?

Tilers can take the Operative CSCS Health, Safety & Environment Test.

After Taking The Tiling NVQ, What CSCS Card Will I Be Eligible For?

cscs blue

Level 2 Tiling NVQ

After taking the Level 2 Tiling NVQ you will be qualified to apply for a Blue CSCS Card. To get a Blue CSCS Card click here to Apply for a Blue CSCS Card.

cscs gold

Level 3 Tiling NVQ

After taking the Level 3 Tiling NVQ you will be qualified to apply for a Gold CSCS Card. To get a Gold CSCS Card click here to Apply for a Gold CSCS Card.

cscs black

Level 4+ Tiling NVQ

After taking the Level 4 or higher Tiling NVQ you will be qualified to apply for a Black CSCS Card. To get a Black CSCS Card click here to Apply for a Black CSCS Card.

What Governing Bodies Regulate The Tiling Trade?

There are a few organisations that regulate and promote the construction industry, these include: