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Get A Electrical NVQ To Advance Your Career And Skills

Getting an Electrical NVQ is your way of getting ahead as an electrician. An Electrical NVQ will qualify you for the next CSCS Card and show employers your skills and commitment. Our OSAT (On Site Assessment and Training) NVQs are perfect for workers as they are taken while you work meaning that you do not have to take any days off or miss any pay.

The Electrical NVQ

Electrical Health & Safety Test and CSCS Card

What Electrical NVQs Are Available?

There is one available to Electricians:

Use the form at the top of the page and get a quote on the price of the Electrical NVQ.

Where Does The NVQ Assessment Take Place?

All the the assessment for OSAT Electrical NVQs takes place on site at your place of work. One of our team of fully qualified assessors will come out and observe you while you work. You will not have to take time off work to go and sit in a classroom, we will come to you.

How Long Does It Take To Complete An NVQ?

The assessment for a Level 2 Electrical NVQ can be completed in as little as one day, for Level 3 and above it will take slightly longer. The entire process usually takes less then a week for level 2 and between 1 and 3 weeks for level 3 and above.

What Is Required Before I Take The NVQ in Electrical?

There are no formal requirements which you have to satisfy before you can take an Electrical NVQ. All that is required to take Level 3 is that you have previously completed the Level 2 NVQ. We also strongly recommend that you note what is required of you in each module and ensure that you have the skills to pass it.

What Is Involved In The Electrical NVQ?

You will have to show that you have both the skills and competency needed to complete the mandatory and optional units of the Electrical NVQ you take.

Electrical NVQ Level 2 (Show All Units)

You will be assessed on your skills and competence in the following mandatory units:

  • Conforming to General Safety in the Workplace
  • Conforming to Efficient Working Practices in the Workplace
  • Moving and Handling Resources in the Workplace
  • Installing Tunnelling Back-up Services in the Workplace
  • Carrying out Checks and/or Basic Maintenance on Plant or Machinery in the Workplace
  • Support the Forming of Tunnels using Specialist Skills in the Workplace

You also have additional units which do not account for any credits in this qualification:

  • Slinging Signalling the Movement of Loads (Secondary Role) in the Workplace

Prices: How Much Does It Cost To Take A Electrical NVQ?

You can be on your way to being qualified with a deposit of just £120 with our excallent instalments scheme. To view our full price list simply fill out the form at the top of the page.

What If I Fail Units In The Electrical NVQ?

If you do not pass units in your Electrical NVQ you will need to take additional units to make up the shortfall and gain the full number of credits required to pass the NVQ.

Which Health & Safety Test Do I Take?

Electricians can take the ECS CSCS Health & Safety Test.

After Taking The Electrical NVQ, What Skill Card Will I Be Eligible For?

ecs blue

Level 2 Electrical NVQ

After taking the Level 2 Electrical NVQ you will be qualified to apply for an ECS Card.

What Governing Bodies Regulate The Electrical Trade?

There are a few organisations that regulate and promote the construction industry, these include:

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